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Waste not, want not….

   Two years ago, on Christmas Eve, a relative of mine was in Lidl and witnessed the staff throwing frozen Turkeys into black bags. Where were they going? she inquired. The bin, she was told. They weren't allowed to give them away, they had to be destroyed. The staff were very upset but they were… Continue reading Waste not, want not….

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Chicken Soup….for the tastebuds!

   Chicken soup - it conjures up memories of childhood; a hearty, warming and sustaining bowl offered with doorstep chunks of bread for dunking. There is a lot in the term 'Jewish Penicillin' - it does have healing properties, the onions are antiseptic; the chicken, nourishing yet easily digestible.  We make it on a Monday with the… Continue reading Chicken Soup….for the tastebuds!

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An Apple a Day….Or A Pint!

Yesterday was National Apple Day, but around here we are constantly reminded of the versatile fruit which first arrived on these shores with the Romans. Of course, we had our native apple, the Crab Apple, a small sharp fruit which is much underused yet still lurks in many a hedgerow, but the apple has come… Continue reading An Apple a Day….Or A Pint!

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Offally Good for the Autumn

I think, on this cold and damp autumn day, that I should spend a few minutes extolling the virtues of offal. Once very much on the British menu it became a no go area due to health scares and the increasing availability of cheap prime cuts, from intensively farmed animals. Now there is a little… Continue reading Offally Good for the Autumn

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Any other recipebookaphiles?

And so it begins….    I create recipes, some days they are harder to compile than others. My main problem is my addiction to random, unwanted cookery books. I cannot pass a secondhand bookshop without undertaking a thorough investigation.  I can spend hours amongst the well thumbed, kitchen-stained volumes; it is almost a religious experience.… Continue reading Any other recipebookaphiles?

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In praise of Squash

   The squash family are very much in season at the moment; whether it be the familiar Butternut, the inelegant Onion Squash, the Turk's Turban or the versatile Spaghetti Squash - and those are just a few - squash is both nutritious and surprisingly tasty and for those low-carb devotees contains only 8g per 100g. … Continue reading In praise of Squash