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A romance of Exmoor

   Yesterday I returned from a foodie weekend break to beautiful Exmoor. From its bleak moors to its rugged coastline via its winding roads it is a stunning place to visit, even with the howling winds and driving rain of a British November day. It is also a foodie paradise, close to the border with… Continue reading A romance of Exmoor

Foodie thoughts from home

Breaking the fast….

   So, during the last couple of weeks we've seen many articles about the consumption of processed meat and its relationship to cancer. My father is currently winning in the battle against colon cancer, so over the past year I have read through an extremely long list of articles, books, blogs and posts regarding the… Continue reading Breaking the fast….

Foodie thoughts from home

Proustian Thoughts…

     I had a relatively unusual childhood. As the product of musician parents I spent a good deal of time with grandparents and my love of food and cookery lies very much in the hands of my Grandmothers. My paternal grandmother was from the Welsh Valleys; she was from a rather poor family who… Continue reading Proustian Thoughts…

Foodie thoughts from home

Remember, remember the 5th of November….

   Admittedly, I've been a little lax with this blog in the last week - if was of course half-term and the days were spent juggling outings, appointments and 'I'm bored' - however I did notice (and possibly for the first time) Vast quantities of Christmas products in shops alongside Halloween things.  When I was… Continue reading Remember, remember the 5th of November….