Frontier Style Cherry Skillet Pie

It's #NationalCherryDay so here's my recipe for a very simple cherry skillet tart or pie. Combining cinnamon with the flour gives a delicious crust which, when filled with the kirsch flavoured cherries, is really quite moreish. This pie is very juicy, almost self saucing, and the crisp outer crust can be ripped off and dunked… Continue reading Frontier Style Cherry Skillet Pie

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Remember, remember the 5th of November….

   Admittedly, I've been a little lax with this blog in the last week - if was of course half-term and the days were spent juggling outings, appointments and 'I'm bored' - however I did notice (and possibly for the first time) Vast quantities of Christmas products in shops alongside Halloween things.  When I was… Continue reading Remember, remember the 5th of November….

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Waste not, want not….

   Two years ago, on Christmas Eve, a relative of mine was in Lidl and witnessed the staff throwing frozen Turkeys into black bags. Where were they going? she inquired. The bin, she was told. They weren't allowed to give them away, they had to be destroyed. The staff were very upset but they were… Continue reading Waste not, want not….

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Any other recipebookaphiles?

And so it begins….    I create recipes, some days they are harder to compile than others. My main problem is my addiction to random, unwanted cookery books. I cannot pass a secondhand bookshop without undertaking a thorough investigation.  I can spend hours amongst the well thumbed, kitchen-stained volumes; it is almost a religious experience.… Continue reading Any other recipebookaphiles?