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A Slow Autumn – rediscovering lost mindfulness.

Is there anything more cosy than settling down in front of a log fire, candles lit, glass of something delicious in your hand? I don’t think there is. If the past few months have taught me anything, it’s been to slow down and enjoy the life I have. During lockdown this process was enforced and … Read More

Historic Bites: Butterly Delicious

“With enough butter, anything is good.” Julia Child For decades, butter has been demonised, labelled an artery-clogger contributing to high cholesterol and obesity, and replaced with low fat spreads and margarines. An ingredient at the very heart of western cuisine for centuries, butter is one of the purest fats available, tastes ambrosial and now, rather … Read More

A Virtual Monmouthshire Meander

Although the countryside is currently closed explore Monmouthshire with my gentle Monmouthshire Meander. We’re a small county with a lot to offer…and well worth waiting for. @visitmonmouthshire

Digging in the hope of victory!

This year has been a bit of a challenge for us, aside from current circumstances, as we were flooded in February and have had to move, temporarily into a new property. It’s very lovely with a large lawn but nowhere to grow vegetables….however, as luck would have it (although not considered so at the time) … Read More

Finding a new ‘normal’

I find myself writing my first post in extraordinary times on a  fine spring day, which Winnie the Pooh would undoubtedly declare ‘blustery’, but look at the trees…they have begun to unfurl their tiny leaves, the blossom is out and all is fighting against the elements…and winning. Just as we, the world, is fighting against … Read More

Seasonal Rhubarb, Mandarin and Saffron Cake

A delicious and gluten-free treat, perfect for afternoon tea or buried in fresh custard after a hearty Sunday lunch, my rhubarb upside-down cake is enhanced with pomegranate and rosewater, saffron and sweet mandarins. Recipe: serves 8 Cake 3 medium eggs 165g butter 165g light brown sugar 1 bunch of rhubarb, leaves removed 180g self raising … Read More


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